Moisture-cure, polyurethane finish, glossy or flat, for wooden floors.
This product has a very silky film and significant elasticity, excellent hardness and scratch-resistance.
Forms a film with excellent mechanical, chemical and aesthetic properties.
As a sealer, we recommend a polyurethane barrier, if necessary a nitrocellulose basecoat.

One-component, water-based, acrylic interior basecoat.
Product with excellent transparency, flow and good filling properties, excellent sandability.

The W 001 series finish is the ideal paint for parquet floors, formulated with fine resins that give it excellent resistance to abrasion, a hardness and elasticity that make it particularly suited for high traffic areas; in addition, its structure makes it resistant to alcohol and household chemical products.
Thanks to its high-tech formula, the water-based parquet finish is resistant to black streaking (rubber scuff marks), does not bleach wood and can be used on any type of floor, even if previously painted.