Solvents and Thinners - Solvents


General information:
Liquid, purple-coloured liquid with significant degreasing and dissolving properties, compatible with aluminium, steel, iron, formica, plastic, etc.; easy to apply.

Instructions for use:
This product is widely used in the mechanical sector to remove processing oil from machinery, mechanical parts, lathes, drills, grinders and circuits of machine tool tanks, and other workshop equipment; in the printing industry and graphic design businesses, it is used for cleaning water-based ink print rollers.
It is also used in metal carpentry to degrease parts that need to be painted. It is also used in the field of water-based painting where, thanks to its properties, reduces work time, as it allows painting immediately after degreasing.
Also suitable for deep cleaning of industrial staining machines, after using water-based stains and paints.

Package formats

5 Kg Tin
25 Kg Can


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