Wood - Stains - Nanotechnology


General information:
Water-based wood stain in nanotechnological polymeric microemulsion.
Product suitable for all types of wood

Instructions for use:
Ideal for any wood staining and finishing work.
Two coats of MIBOR Wood Stain (Impregnante MIBOR) on untreated wood are the ideal application process for excellent protection of the substrate.

N.B.: Wood stain for exterior items must always be finished with W 1570 series CLEAR FINISHES (FINITURE TRASPARENTI serie W 1570), to protect against weather conditions.
We recommend applying two coats of finish.


W 1000 Clear
W 1001 Medium Walnut
W 1002 Light Walnut
W 1003 Pine
W 1004 Oak
W 1005 Mahogany
W 1006 Cedar
W 1007 Myrtle
W 1008 Cypress
W 1009 Willow
W 1010 White

Package formats

0.750 L Tin - 6 pcs.
5 L Small Can - 4 pcs.
25 L Can


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