Wood - Stains - Solvent-based


General information:
Urethane-based, resin wood stain; allows rapid penetration into the wood without forming a film, and is therefore not subject to flaking.
The oxides and additives contained in this formula protect the treated substrate against damage caused by weather conditions (UV rays).

Instructions for use:
Ideal for any wood staining and finishing work.
One or two coats of IM series wood stain (impregnante serie IM) on untreated wood are the ideal application process for excellent protection of both exterior and interior substrates.

N.B.: Wood stain for exterior items must always be finished with CLEAR FINISHES (FINITURE TRASPARENTI), to protect against weather conditions.
We recommend applying two coats of finish.

IM 1150 Dark Walnut
IM 1151 Light Walnut
IM 1152 Chestnut
IM 1153 Pine
IM 1154 Durmast
IM 1155 Ebony
IM 1156 Clear
IM 1157 Teak
IM 1158 Green Fir
IM 1159 Rosewood
IM 1161 Olive

Package formats

0.750 L Tin - 6 pcs.
2.5 L Tin - 4 pcs.
25 L Can


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