Wood - Stains - Water-based


General information:
A water-based acrylic wood stain tinted with clear pigments, capable of offering maximum protection to the substrate.
This product is highly penetrating and the additives for preventing woodworm and mould reach deep into the wood fibres.
Excellent for exterior and interior use, leaving the wood in its typical natural appearance, following its movements and making the maintenance processes of the substrate much easier;
Odourless, ready for use.

Instructions for use:
Ideal for any wood staining and finishing work.
One or two coats of W 1500 series Wood Stain (Impregnante serie W 1500) on untreated wood are the ideal application process for excellent protection of both exterior and interior substrates.

N.B.: Wood stain for exterior items must always be finished with W 1570 series CLEAR FINISHES (FINITURE TRASPARENTI serie W 1570), to protect against weather conditions.
We recommend applying two coats of finish


W 1500 Clear
W 1501 Light Walnut
W 1502 Dark Walnut
W 1503 Chestnut
W 1504 Pine
W 1505 Green
W 1506 Oak
W 1507 Ebony
W 1509 Olive
W 1510 Larch
W 1511 Antique Walnut
W 1518 Rosewood

Package formats

0.750 L Tin - 6 pcs.
2.5 L Tin - 4 pcs.
25 L Can


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